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Catch Up

There is so much to say about all of these photos! Unfortunately, I have gotten behind on posting. We’ve been having a blast & catching a lot of nice fish. Still getting the drum good & more & more trout bites every day. Few cobia still lurking out there too. I know the hurricane is old news by now, but wow, we got really lucky! So thankful that we didn’t receive more damage than it looked like it was setting up for. Congrats to Allen & Corey on their marriage! Stoked that the boys were able to box a nice cobia on their guys trip. My little bro hooked up on his first one sitting on his butt right on the bow. Pretty work! I love to see friends and families just having fun out on the water wheather it’s catching a fish they’ve never caught before or doing a cannonball off of the hard top! Having fun & enjoying this beautiful place is what it’s all about! Thanks for fishing with us! I feel so blessed to have a job that I enjoy so much! Very rewarding to see the smiles every day!

Capt Amanda





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