Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Please speak with Samantha at the booking desk (252) 441-6575 before booking your reservation if you have any questions!




Once your trip is booked either online or through the booking desk and secured with a credit card, your contact information is given to the captain. During our busy season of May-October, you need to cancel 7 days BEFORE your trip to avoid a cancellation fee charged to your credit card. Due to your reservation, that day becomes unavailable to a potential client wanting to book a charter. Canceling on short notice leaves the day open when it could have been filled. During the off-season, 48 hours are needed to cancel your day without a cancellation fee charged to your credit card. The fee would equal half the amount of the trip booked (ex: $400 half day=$200 deposit). If there is an emergency, please contact us as soon as possible. If there is a concern with the weather, contact your captain.  


The trip is cancelled ONLY at the captain’s discretion.



If your trip is booked through the booking desk and you spoke with a live person, a credit card is used to hold your spot.  If you booked online, your trip was paid in full.  Refunds are only issued if you call and speak with an agent during the cancellation period.  You will receive a cancellation email.  If you do not receive an email, your reservation was not cancelled and your day is still reserved.  For cancellations due to weather, the trip will be cancelled and refunded upon request from the captain only.  Please speak with your captain if you have concerns about the weather.