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How do I book a trip?

When you know you are ready to book, click on our BOOK NOW button and reserve your day online! If you have any other questions before booking, give us a call at 252-441-6575. Please do not try to book a trip through email or social media.

Will you send a confirmation email?

If you book online you will receive a confirmation email. If you book through the booking desk, all the information exchanged at the time of booking your trip is your confirmation. Your captain will be in touch with you to firm up any details. When you arrive on the Outer Banks, you can call the booking desk to let us know you are here.

Do you have evening trips available?

Call the booking desk and ask for availability!  We love evening trips!

Are your boats kid friendly?

Our captains are the best on the beach and our families love fishing with them!  Bring the kids and have fun!

Does your price cover one person or the boat?

When you book a trip, you book the boat. You can bring up to four people on the Rock Solid and up to six on the Carolina Blue or Southern Run. It is the same whether you have one person or four persons. Anyone on the boat counts as a person, fishing or not from 2 years to Senior adult!


Is a deposit required?

If you book online, you will have to pay in full and will receive a confirmation for the day marked 'paid'.  If you book through the booking desk, a credit card number will be needed to hold your spot.  You will receive a confirmation for the day marked "unpaid".  Your card will not be charged until you finalize your payment with the captain the day you fish.

*If you are booking several months to a year in advance, a deposit may be needed. The booking desk will discuss this with you. **A deposit will be collected if you do not show up at the dock the day of your trip or you do not give adequate time to cancel your day.  From May through October, 7 days are required for cancellations.

What if I want to cancel the trip?

Seven (7) days are required to cancel your trip or you will be charged half of the price of the charter as a fee.  Please refer to our cancelation policy.

What if I want to cancel the trip because of weather?  I am not going to get into the ocean or fish for the species I want to.

Trip cannot be booked on solely fishing for one species or area with the option to cancel.  Unfortunately, Outer Banks weather can be unpredictable and conditions can change unexpectedly.  The captain will fish in the areas that are safe and provide you with the best trip available for the day you booked!

Seven (7) days are required to cancel your trip or you will be charged half of the price of the charter as a fee.  Please refer to our cancelation policy.

What payments do you accept?

We prefer cash or credit cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There is a 3% transaction fee for credit and debit cards.

Can you pencil me in and I’ll get back to you?

Unfortunately we cannot hold a day for you. We can let you know the availability and when you are ready to secure your day with a credit card, your day is held and your contact information is given to the captain.

When will I hear from my captain?

Luckily our captains fish almost every day so you will usually hear from them the night before. If you do not hear from your captain, please show up at the designated time.  He will be there!  To get in contact with your captain beforehand or if there is an emergency, call the booking desk for more info.

What will we fish for?

Rock Solid Fishing is an inshore fleet. We fish the sound, inlet and ocean while staying close to shore. Fishing varies with the type of trip and the time of the year. The booking desk will let you know what we are currently catching. The captains can give you a better insight into what they are doing all year long.  

What if the weather looks bad and I want to cancel?

We understand that you do not want to fish in horrible wind and rain. We want you to have the best trip possible! The captains will not fish in dangerous conditions and will discuss the weather & your options with you. The trip cancellation is determined by the captain. If it is a fishable day, they will want to fish.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once your trip is booked ad secured with a credit card, your contact information is given to the captain. During our busy season of May-September you need to cancel 7 days BEFORE your trip to avoid a cancellation fee charged to your credit card. Due to your reservation, that day becomes unavailable to a potential client wanting to book a charter. Canceling on short notice leaves the day open when it could have been filled. During the off season, 48 hours are needed to cancel your day without a cancellation fee charged to your credit card. The fee would equal half the amount of the trip booked (ex: $400 half day=$200 deposit). If there is an emergency, please contact us as soon as possible. If there is a concern with the weather, contact your captain.

What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring whatever will make you comfortable on the boat. Pack a snack or lunch and plenty of water. Grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat & go fishing!! The fishing part is all taken care of…bait, tackle, rods, reels & licenses are included!

Do I need a license?

Nope. We’ve got you covered. If you are fishing on the beach or pier you will need one.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Absolutely bring your favorite rod or tackle, although you do not have to.

Do you fish with fly rods to fly fish?

We use inshore, light tackle for our trips…custom built rods and tackle through Meathog Fishing. You are welcome to bring your own fly rod!

Can I send my children on the trip without me?

Children are welcome but need a legal adult, parent or guardian to act as the responsible party for them if they are under 18 years old.

What if I just ride along and don’t want to fish?

Charters are available for 4-6 people and anyone on the boat counts toward that total.

Are lifejackets available?

Lifejackets are available at all times to children and adults upon request. If you would like to bring your own that is more comfortable, you are welcome to.

Is alcohol allowed on the boat?

Yes, alcohol is allowed for all legal age adults in can or tumblers. We do ask that you can maintain control of yourself and your party.  Don't make us call the Coast Guard! Seriously, make sure someone can drive you home.

Will our pictures be on a blog or social media?

Our captains will take pictures of your catch throughout the day to use on our Rock Solid Fishing blog report and on our Facebook page, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. The captains may also use video footage to create videos from the season.

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