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Winter time! Full Time! Staying Alive!

False Albacore put away the Winter time blues!

Joe Bane and son Cameron enjoyed a action packed late January Outer Banks fishing trip

Rocksolid is a year round fishing endeavor for us! This is something that I pride myself on. Full time year round guide!!! Sure summer is busy and the shoulder seasons we book up as well. The winter however the bills keep coming. If I was smart like most of my cohorts I would take a flyer and become a duck hunting guide, fireman, or take on some boat repairs. I would be a impostor taking folks duck hunting. Scared of heights so no fireman. Boatwork, I have enough with the three boats. Just like life changes, the fishing changes..Winter time, with the robust winter striped bass fishery now a past memory we adapt to stay afloat! Where did they go you ask? Well the numbers are down and as of this writing this winter they are 20 miles off the beach near the state line therefore illegal for us to even catch and release them! So last week we went fishing for sharks and we landed and released a nice shortfin Mako. This is one beautiful creature that is also very intimidating. Then we landed some dogsharks and black seabass. On another trip with the Bane family we found big schools of false albacore busting on purple crack bait and we landed them tossing meathog pelican jigs into the melee! We had to run 25 miles from the inlet to get em but when you pick a good weather window we can be successful. I know the weather will keep me inside more days than getting out but I gotta feed my fishing A D D! So maybe I can do a much better job updating! New season quickly approaching and bookings calling in everyday. So if you have any questions, any at all feel free to call and we can talk and hopefully get you a trip you are excited to try! I am also to point you towards the right Captain and boat that will give you the best fit for your needs.


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