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Getting back to fishing, on the Outer Banks and Hot Ditch!

Glad to be back out fishing the beautiful waters!  I was starting to lose it not fishing for over seven days makes one “weak”! Been out of comission for a week or so with some offseason surgery.  No fun but healing fast and getting back around!  Another client and friend, JR,  was getting cabin fever.  He picked me up and we spent the couple days speckled trout fishing in the Carolina Blue.  Friday was a blast. We could do no wrong! Every turn we seemed to get one!  

tog fishing off nags head

Saturday was a scrap, we ended up scratching out a catch but never really whacked em.  Thanks JR for getting me back out there!  I guess they turned off the heat to the ditch but we still got em!   Then onto Oregon Inlet on the Rock Solid for a nice father son trip.  These guys came to duck hunt and mix in a little fishing.  Always felt sorry for those duck hunters sitting in a blind on a slick willie day but I guess you gotta love it.  We tossed a few big eels round the pilings in hope of a stray big rock but no takers.  The ocean was too pretty so we ran out to a small wreck and picked off some nice tautog!  Hopefully soon I can get back into the tower and chase the reds!  Already getting the calls and bookings for 2015.  So feel free to call and grab a date before they are gone.  We have some current dates open around oregon inlet and the elizabeth river fisheries!  Thank you for your continuing support!


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