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Thanksgiving Fishing on the Outer Banks

Hope everyone had a great turkey day!  Gonna try to keep you guys updated more often, I promise.  Fishing opportunities around the outer banks during late November can be challenging.  The challenge…. finding a nice weather window to fish.  Getting offshore to whack some tuna and wahoo like they did yesterday requires decent weather even when your in a big battlewagon.  Mann’s Harbor has pleasantly been  pretty good with a fifty split between good days(when they are biting) and the skunky ones.  Also being in the sound affords us to go fishing in smaller boats even with crummy weather.  LIttle jigs, rattle traps, and little stretchs have made the demise of many of these striped bass.  We found some redfish still lingering around oregon inlet which is a stoker!  Maybe these guys will hang around all winter so on those pretty sunny days they will show themselves for some sightfishing!  I have really been enjoying the trophy speckled trout fishery as many know as the hotditch , the Elizabeth river watershed.  We have landed small stripers and plenty of speckled trout there already this season!  I actively fish here through out the winter.  Inclimate weather does not slow this fishey, maybe just the fisherman.  Thanks to everyone for fishing and being a part of rocksolidfishing!


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