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Coastal Fishing


big trips over 23 lbs


fell for a meahog jig

The Coastal fishing along Florida coasts injects hope and promise. Every year after the winter doldrums start to wane I slip away quietly to cure an obsession. Before the coastal fishing really get kicked up back in NC, I get away for a month and go fishing! We fish new places, find new friends, catch new fish. Just a piscatorial precursor to hot NC early summer fishing thats to come. I really have over the last few years fallen in love with these tripletail. They have all the caveats of cobia fishing just with smaller tackle. Honestly they seem to be harder to sightcast to than cobia. We got em pretty good with friends Clinton and Bobalama. Fish from 4-23lbs! Getting a 30 inch triple to the boat on ten pound braid is a fun and challenging feat. Oh I almost forgot, they are absolutely delicious for that little meathog in ya! Cobia over on the East Coast were slow. We were entranced many days by the Mantas everywhere, somedays riding by over 30 a day.  We mustered up five keeper cobia over the 50 lb mark out of the four dedicated days we went for em.



Kenna and Gabe show me how its done!

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