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Big Spanish, great puppy drum action, and big blactip sharks!

Larry gray whacked a nice 6lb Spanish yesterday. Moser and Snyder whacked the reds for the better part of a day two days ago! Pretty cool at one point we set up on a downwind drift got the anchor set and had a five hundred fish school laying against a shallow ledge in the lee of the current. Five rod bendos for 30 minutes! Capps crew went tugging on bosco blacktips in the 40-120 lb range! They whacked us pretty good till the tiagra 30 came out with ten foot wire leader. Free lining live bluefish made for an exciting and acrobatic strike! We released all the sharks! Rob landed couple nice fat keeper flounder trout and reds! Hope you guys been keeping up with us on Facebook and Instagram as well. Thanks for your support!



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