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Ryder’s afternoon report

A shark, a hammerhead, my turn my turn , (fishing report interrupted because Ryder is hooked up!). A chick shark? Sponge bobs friend!! We got two redfish, a spot, five seamullet, four other sharks!! Daddy catch release cobia!! I love mom dad and capt kelly!! ( free shirt for this rascal)! Part sunny part cloudy. Water looks like diamonds! Pretty birds. Seabirds. Push-up pops and m&ms make this trip special!! A shark! A shark!!a shark! You know that was a great white!! ( Ryder is four). Green frog on the boat that was fun!! Yahoo waves rocking. Yahoo I love it!!! Capt Aaron shhhh we gotta wait for another shark!! ( I guess I do talk too much). Four more capt kelly. Hey get your Elmo gloves gotta grab another! What a tuna , dad it’s your lucky day!!!! (18 lb false albecore, it ate a squid!?). Hey guys this is pretty fun. Dad you need help? Mommy I want to hold your hand. Yawn yawn Good day Ryder? Excellent. . ).


I will post more as we catch up. In





. Ryder puts money in his piggy bank to pay for his fishing! Capt could not take that money! I was trying to update and quote this young man as we went along yesterday afternoon the action was fun almost non stop, not normally this much action on a typical trip in mid summer but we will take it!! Puppy drum, sea mullet, stingrays, hammerhead, a cobia, dozen other sharks, and a big false albecore!


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