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It’s been good fishing!

August man always seems to be good to me! We have had some really great catches! Puppy drum, cobia, dolphin, and amberjack have been the main players. I do apologize for the lack of reporting. It’s not from the lack of fishing just exhaustion. I hope this fun fishing lasts well into September. Waters have been warm and really clear. Heck the other day we hooked a nice sailfish three miles off the beach. She ate a live croaker! Cobia have mostly cooperated we did come up blank yesterday on a pack of seven on a ray on the beach , ouch. We saved the day with a nice 48lber and 25 lber. Then yesterday we saw a pack of six and got em all , weeeeee! Rather be lucky than good! We live baited a few monsta mahi last week with two over 30 lbs! Then super trip, my buddy took his family for kids evening fun trip. Blues, croaker , whatever. Well how bout for an hour a dozen mantas came up with cobia on em and it was a shooting gallery!!! Congrats to Webb five years old getting his first cobia! And I cannot forget young Miss Ginger. she made the spot of the summer putting us in the meat at long range finding this rare “pack” of mantas!!!





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