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Little stripers ! Big fun!

. Been enjoying the slower pace of not fishing all day everyday. I have had the enjoyment of things seemingly forgotten over the last few months. Kids, sleeping in, football, and much more!! However as we finished up October with redfish chewing at epic proportions! I heard the whispers, hey small rock showing up in the sound. I did not feel compelled to ride over to find out till yesterday evening. This inlet waters have cooled and the drum fishing has as well. So once in the area we marked fish, tossed small jigs and landed small stripers! 16-20 inch fish. We kept three for dinner released the rest! It was kind of reminiscent of eight ten years ago manns harbor fishing! Well we hope that continues into the winter for some much needed obx fishing action attractions. Also we are once again tied up with the Carolina Blue in the Elizabeth river ready ( really jacked up) to fish light artificials for specks, drum, and stripers! Just me fishing the circuit this winter. Capt Amando will be enjoying and already is enjoying the fishing in Marathon Florida catching triggers and snappers already! Got an additional sixteen trips on the books just yesterday for 2015. So special thanks in believing, fishing, and rebooking with us.


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