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Dinosaur in Carolina

Dinosaur in Carolina!  I do apologize for the lack of updates and posts guys.  Really, I try.  I guess I am a dinosaur (we love Hank Williams).  I don’t  think I am a social media guru.  I don’t feel like my Instagram ‘likes’ reflects the quality of fishing you will receive.  Actually, I am positive of that.  My boat is not wrapped (it,s kinda yellowed from last year, and my power pole is a shaft from the Rock Solid that Heath Scarborough cut and tapered to a point.  We drop our anchor/spear into the marsh.)  I guess I don’t really like the way things change sometimes!  I guess it speeds things up, and doles out more “free info”. But really … the other day we dialed 911 and it took 15-20 minutes for someone to show up in a traffic accident. Conversely I made an Instagram post one time this winter  an another angler came blazing up on us asking about the bite and if we minded if he anchored on top of us?!  The guy told us he saw the Instagram post and he was floating next to me in less than 10 minutes.  Don’t get me wrong we all have caught fish from a phone call, text, or vhf.  Man…this is getting absurd.  Heck, we were booked most days before cell phones.  Now we ‘tweet’ to pump us up for more trips.  Really all we have done is given out way too much free info.  A wise Captain told me never say never or never say always.  On that regards, I am sure soon I will be decked out with sun repellent shirts, power poles, and remote controlled drones.  I do apologize and sincerely do for any of the “old timers”, the legends, that I insulted in my younger years via my actions of being an arrogant, young, confident angler trying to prove I could be the best.  You guys are the forefathers and forgot more than I will know.  What happen to humility and being grateful for the privilege to fish every day?  The young guys, I also apologize if I insult you for you trying to build a business and support your families.  Let’s keep it real and claim it when you can, not before your time!


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